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  • Vaffelgård summer café

    This summer we open our succesful ‘Vaffelgård café’ again. From 21/06/21 until 29/08/21 we serve homemade Norwegian and Belgian waffles. Both countries have a long tradition when it comes to serving tasty waffles. Norway is famous for it’s classic heart shaped waffle while Belgium is most known for its Liège waffle with caramelized sugar and the crispy Brussels waffle of course.

    As the new Belgian owners of Rondane River Lodge we want to introduce Belgian waffles in Norway.

    As the owners of Rondane River Lodge come from Belgium, we want to introduce Belgian waffles in Norway. We serve them according to the traditional recipe but present some new twists as well like the brownie chocolate waffle and salt foccaccia waffles which are excellent to dip in the soup of the day. The choice is all yours!


    And don’t worry… Of course the classic Norwegian waffle with sour cream and strawberry jam or brown cheese from the local goat farm is also on the Vaffelgård menu.


    The summer café will be open daily from 12h00 until 16h00. Enjoy your waffle in our cosy fireplace, on the sunny terrace or in your own log cabin. You do not need to reserve in advance unless you come with a group or want something special.


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    Hjertelig velkommen!