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    Rondane National Park was established in 1962 as the first national park in Norway, mainly to protect the more than 2000 wild reindeer which have their home here. Rondane is a park of contrasts, from barren high alpine peaks to gentle slopes with cozy mountain farms and spectacular waterfalls. It is packed with excellent hiking trails for all adventurers. Around the edge of the park are many lighter hikes suitable for all ages and abilities. In the heart of the park, 10 peaks reach over 2000m above sea level, with gentle slopes that are a little easier to hike than those in for example Jotunheimen National Park.


    Rondane has a relatively mild climate, making it one of the safer areas for avoiding hiking in pouring rain. Low precipitation means less snow in the winter and the hiking season will often start in early June, which can be a month earlier than other Norwegian mountain areas. September is probably the most beautiful time of the year when you can enjoy the golden autumn colours.


    There are no restrictions on where you can hike in the park, but when encountering wild reindeer, do remember they get easily disturbed by humans, so please stay on marked trails as much as possible. If you do happen upon some reindeer, slowly move away from them.


    Several day hikes can be undertaken from Rondane River Lodge but you can also attempt multiday trekkings with overnight in tents or mountain huts, most of them exploited by DNT (The Norwegian Mountain Association). The most known multiday trip is Trekanten (Triangle) which includes an overnight stay in the huts of Bjørnhollia, Rondvassbu and Nedre or Øvre Døralseter which are all staffed during the summer season.


    During winter time Rondane offers excellent conditions to practice snowshoe hiking, cross country, backcountry or tour skiing. Most of the mountain huts are closed during winter season (except Easter) but self service access can be granted through DNT.


    We are keen on sharing our thorough knowledge and have numerous suggestions taking into account your abilities and the forecasted weather conditions.

    Beside hiking and trekking on your own, we also provide guided trips. Please contact us for more information and prices.


    More information and specific rules which you have to take into account when exploring the national park, can be found on this link.