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    Rondane National Park and Dovrefjell National Park offer unlimited possibilities for hiking and trekking. Beside the second highest mountain range in Norway, be ready to explore endless spruce/birch forests, admire spectacular waterfalls and drink fresh water straight from the rivers and lakes. Not to forget the excellent chances to spot wildlife including moose, flocks of wild reindeer and musk ox. Did you know also the complete Scandinavian big 5 of preditors has it’s natural habitat over here?

    Think of arctic fox, wolf, bear, wolverine and lynx.


    An extensive network of hiking trails is waiting right at our doorstep, mostly signposted by DNT. They also exploit several of the mountain cabins and guarantee a comfortable stay during multiday trips and savoury waffles. Thanks to the Norwegian everyone’s right you can also spend the night outdoors and roam freely (almost) wherever you want.


    Rondane National Park has 10 peaks above 2000m that all can be attempted by hikers in good physical condition. Thanks to the rather ’rounded’ shape of the mountains and absence of demanding steep climbs, Rondane and Dovrefjell offer suitable terrain also for less experienced hikers including the youngest ones. We are keen on sharing our thorough knowledge and have numerous suggestions taking into account your abilities and the forecasted weather conditions.


    Beside hiking and trekking on your own, we also provide guided trips.


    1.5 hour guided hike:

    900 NOK for 1st person + 200 NOK per extra person

    Including rental of walking sticks and experienced guide.


    3-4 hours guided hike:

    2100 NOK for 1st person + 400 NOK per extra person

    Including rental of walking sticks, experienced guide and wilderness lunch.


    6-7 hours guided hike:

    3200 NOK for 1st person + 800 NOK per extra person

    Including rental of walking sticks, experienced guide and wilderness lunch.


    Multiday guided hikes:

    Contact us for a tailormade offer.


    Top 10 of mountain tops accessible from Rondane River Lodge:


    Pika (1157m)

    Muen (1424m)

    Ramshøgda (1463m)

    Gravskardshøyda (1767m)

    Storsølnkletten (1827m)

    Vinjeronden (2044m)

    Høgronden (2118m)

    Storronden (2138m)

    Rondeslottet (2178m)

    Snøhetta in Dovrefjell National Park (2286m)



    Top 5 of (partly) staffed mountain cabins within reach of Rondane River Lodge:


    Bjørnhollia (DNT)

    Nedre & Øvre Døralseter


    Eldåbu (DNT)

    Storgrytdalseter (DNT)