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    These conditions are applicable between Rondane River Lodge AS and you who books directly or another entity that agrees to write an agreement with Rondane River Lodge AS according to what is written in the booking confirmation. The agreement can include accommodation, transport and other services or products and even a combination of these elements, below called packages.


    1. Responsible organiser


    The responsible organiser is Rondane River Lodge, www.rondaneriverlodge.no, organisation nr: 995073773. Rondane River Lodge AS promotes products via www.rondaneriverlodge.no including an online booking engine and through the hotel reception counter. The location is responsible for informing you as stipulated in item 9 below and of all major changes of your reservation or changes in the specific booking conditions. For reservations including regular transport specific conditions may apply.


    2. Booking and booking confirmation


    The booking confirmation contains important information concerning your booking. Be aware that the content in the booking confirmation stipulates the contract conditions.


    To be able to have an agreement with Rondane River Lodge AS you need to be 18 years old at the time of booking. An ID check can be done at check-in and access will only be granted if the guest meets these requirements. You need to verify the booking confirmation by yourself as soon as you have received it. In case of possible mistakes, you need to inform Rondane River Lodge AS immediately.


    You take responsibility about the fact that the information you supply is correct. You will inform us, for example, about any allergies at time of booking so we have the possibility to book the right product for you. Promises made by our booking staff that are of importance need to be mentioned in the booking confirmation so they can be relied on. We do not take responsibility for promises made by a supplier directly to you. Actual check-in and check-out times are mentioned in the booking confirmation. In the rental prices for log cabins, costs for cleaning, rental of bedlinnen and towels and baby beds are not included if not mentioned in the booking confirmation.


    3. Binding booking


    The booking is binding when Rondane River Lodge AS has confirmed your booking and when you have paid the agreed deposit within the agreed time frame or the entire sum for the reservation.


    4. Payment


    You shall pay the agreed price at time of booking plus or minus changes in taxes or fees that occurred after booking. Timing and recipient are stipulated in the booking confirmation. When booking accommodation the reservation shall be paid in full to Rondane River Lodge AS immediately by credit card payment (VISA or Mastercard) or by bank transfer. Other expenses during the stay shall be paid upon check-out.


    For packages a 30% deposit will be charged at the time of booking. The remaining sum shall be paid upon check-out by credit card payment (VISA or Mastercard) or by bank transfer.


    5. Delayed or non-payment


    Have you not paid the amount (to be paid at the time of booking) you will receive a reminder to execute the payment of the remaining sum. Your booking will not be cancelled when your payment has reached Rondane River Lodge AS at the latest on the date mentioned in the reminder. If you don´t pay within that time frame your reservation will automatically be cancelled and the cancellation conditions will apply.


    6. Change of booking


    Please inform us as soon as possible if you wish to change anything in your booking. Bear in mind that a change of arrival or departure date is being considered as a cancellation. Only extensions of existing bookings are not seen as a cancellation.


    7. Cancellation


    You can cancel your booking by telephone or, preferably via e-mail to Rondane River Lodge AS. Tel: (+47) 62 46 37 20, email: info@rondaneriverlodge.no. The cancellation is not valid until you have received a written confirmation of your cancellation from Rondane River Lodge AS.


    Cancellation fees for accommodation bookings


    Accommodation bookings made through our website are non-refundable unless you select our free cancellation option. Then you can cancel free of charge until 1 week before arrival. 100% will be charged if you cancel less than 1 week before arrival.

    Bookings made by e-mail or phone not requiring an advance payment can be cancelled free of charge until 1 week before arrival. 100% will be charged if you cancel less than 1 week before arrival.


    Cancellation fees for packages


    Cancellations up to 29 days or more before arrival date: fee is equal to 30% of the total booking amount (equal to the paid deposit). Cancellation less then 29 days before arrival date: fee is equal to 100% of the total booking amount. Fees for cancellation insurance, change fees, billing fees and booking fees are non refundable.


    We recommend to take a cancellation insurance.


    8. Mistakes and complaints


    Possible complaints should in the first place be handled directly with the supplier and should be handled immediately.


    If amendments or compensation isn´t taken place you can contact Rondane River Lodge AS on the contact details you find on your booking confirmation. If you refrain from trying to find a solution during your stay or if you have not given the supplier the chance to solve the problem during your stay your right to receive compensation is no longer applicable. When you are not agreeing to the compensation offered you shall inform Rondane River Lodge AS within 28 days after your departure.


    9. Information from Rondane River Lodge AS


    You will receive a written confirmation of your booking and will be informed of major changes that influence your booking. You may enter your accommodation as from 15h00 on the day of arrival. Check-out has to be performed before 11h00.


    10. Behaviour


    You must follow the instructions, guidelines and regulations for the entire journey and your specific accommodation. You will pay attention that your behaviour is not disturbing or creating damage to the properties you are using. You shall not use the accommodation for any other reason as what is described in the booking (usually leisure purposes) and you will not have more guests in the accommodation as originally agreed on. It is not allowed to invite other guests to camp or reside in your accommodation without approval from Rondane River Lodge AS.


    When you check-out of a log cabin, you will do some basic cleaning of the property (dishes, garbage etc.) also when having ordered the optional final cleaning. More detailed instructions can be found in the practical information that you receive upon check-in. You take full responsibility for damage created during your stay. If any damage was created before your stay, you shall inform Rondane River Lodge AS no later than 24 hours after check-in. In the case that you do not follow these guidelines, Rondane River Lodge AS has the right to charge you for these costs.


    11. Termination


    When breaching the above-mentioned rules and guidelines occurs in such a way, Rondane River Lodge AS has the right to terminate the agreement. In such a case you will need to leave the accommodation immediately and no refund will be granted, while you will still be responsible to compensate the costs you have created.


    12. Privacy


    When you are paying you also agree that your contact details will be handled by Rondane River Lodge AS. The goal is to do regular guest administration and that Rondane River Lodge AS has trustworthy ID documentation of its guests in case of an accident and to meet up with cancellation conditions and to administrate possible compensations and or damage. The contact details may also be used to inform insurance companies and payment companies. The guest may also be contacted for market research or for marketing purposes such as a newsletter or sending of brochures. After the journey the guest may receive a follow-up email containing a questionnaire. The client´s comments are of big importance for us. The replies will be part of a larger investigation and will be published as part of that in such a way that they are anonymous. As a guest you can, at any point, inform us if you do not want to be part of the investigations.


    Please also check our privacy policy.


    13. Conditions of handover


    A handover of a reservation can only occur before the arrival day of the guests and in agreement with Rondane River Lodge AS. In case of a handover of transportation the transportation company will need to agree and special conditions may apply.


    14. Force majeure


    In the case that a trip/booking could not occur for a reason outside the responsibility of Rondane River Lodge AS. Rondane River Lodge AS will try to manage possible risks upfront as much as possible, but sometimes, even when all was done to avoid certain situations and the consequences from it, it may be that Rondane River Lodge AS is not in control. In such rare situations Rondane River Lodge AS can not be held responsible and no compensation will be given. The same is the case for Rondane River Lodge AS suppliers.


    We reserve the right for changes in the law and price changes that lay outside our control.


    15. Disputes


    In case of disputes you can contact the General Complaints Board or General Court.


    16. Questions


    In case of questions related to your booking you can contact Rondane River Lodge AS.


    Rondane River Lodge AS

    Rondeveien 34 – 2477 Sollia (Norway)

    E-mail: info@rondaneriverlodge.no

    Telephone: (+47) 62 46 37 20