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    Get back in touch with nature and learn the basics of bushcraft! Have you always dreamed of being able to make a fire in nature, make a camp and perhaps even try to catch and gather your own food? Come and join us in the forests surrounding the Rondane River Lodge and learn the skills needed to live out in the wild. The ideal opportunity for families to make lasting memories together!


    3-4 hours family bushcraft activity:

    We go to a fixed spot somewhere out in nature where we can make fire safely. Get to know plants/mushrooms and other things in nature that can help us to not only survive but even thrive. Learn different methods to start a fire, the fire triangle and different kinds of firestarters. Practice your knife and axe skills (from 10 years old) and how to make some basic straps.


    2100 NOK for 1st person + 400 NOK per extra person

    Including professional guide, equipment and wilderness lunch cooked over the open fire.


    “ Bushcraft teaches you not only to survive, but also thrive in nature. Take a step back from the modern world and reconnect with nature in a fun and inspiring way! ”