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    Commercial driving with snowmobiles is not allowed in most of southern Norway. This in order to protect the vulnerable nature and not to disturb the migration routes of the wild reindeer. Rondane National Park was exactly created in 1962 in order to protect these endangered animals. We see it as a big advantage not hearing any snowmobiles at all around our lodge, preserving the peace and quiet that most of our guests are looking for.


    However, nothing compares the feeling of cruising the vast open landscapes on your own snowmobile. Therefore we can offer this unique experience when willing to drive some distance to Drevsjø, not far from the Swedish border. Here they recently opened up for snowmobiling on a vast network of trails south of lake Femunden. After attending a safety demonstration, you are even welcome to explore the signposted trails on your own. But of course the safari can be guided as well.


    Snowmobile rental from Drevsjø:

    Rent a snowmobile for a day (4-5 hours) and explore the wilderness on your own along signposted trails.

    The prices are cheepest on weekdays and more expensive during the weekend due to local demand.

    Monday to Thursday: 1900 NOK per day

    Friday: 2500 NOK per day

    Saturday: 2900 NOK per day

    Sunday: 2200 NOK per day

    Including safety demonstration, access fee for the trails and insurance (20.000 NOK own risk).

    Fuel is not included and has to be settled upon return.

    Guiding can be added optionally for 4000 NOK per day.

    Helmets can be rented for 100 NOK per person.

    Thermal dresses and winter boots can be rented from Rondane River Lodge for 225 NOK per person per day.


    In order to rent a snowmobile the driver needs to have a valid driving license.

    1 extra passenger can sit behind the driver.

    Kids from 10 years old can sit behind, younger kids have to be transported in a sled.

    Please be aware it’s about 2h30 scenic driving from Rondane River Lodge to Drevsjø with good chances to spot moose and reindeer on the way.

    Transfer to the starting point in Drevsjø can be added for 3000 NOK one way.