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    Rondane River Lodge is surrounded by several rivers perfectly suitable for canoe trips. We rent out 2 canoes ourselves for shorter trips on the friendly river in our backyard and on the nearby Setningen lake. For longer trips we recommend the Atna River which flows gently along the borders of the Rondane National Park. You will pass many beautiful picnic places and sandy beaches where you can stop for a rest or camp overnight.


    On the Atna River we can recommend a 2-days trip with overnight in a tent along the shore. The first day you will paddle the northern part of Atna River between Eiriksrud and Strømbu. The second day you continue on the Atnsjø lake until Furulund.


    Rental of canoes from Rondane River Lodge:

    400 NOK per canoe per day

    Including paddles and life jackets.


    Rental of canoes from Strømbu along Atna River:

    450 NOK per canoe per day – 250 NOK per canoe from the second day

    Including paddles and life jackets.

    Transport from Strømbu to the starting point upstreams can be arranged for 150 NOK.


    Rental of camping equipment:

    Tent for 2 persons = 400 NOK per night

    Tent for 4 persons = 500 NOK per night

    Sleeping bag and mattress = 150 NOK per night

    Cooking stove and utensils = 150 NOK per night