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    Are you keen on waffles? We have excellent news for you!

    From 21/06/20 until 15/09/20 we open our summer café ‘Vaffelgård’ where we serve freshly baked Norwegian and Belgian waffles.

    Both sweet and salt alternatives are served with different toppings you can choose from.


    The café will be open daily from 12h00 until 16h00.

    Enjoy your waffle outside on our cosy terrace or inside in the restaurant.

    Hjertelig velkommen!


    Classic Norwegian waffle

    65 NOK

    Heart shaped Norwegian waffle served with strawberry jam and sour cream

    Brussels waffle

    65 NOK

    Crispy Belgian waffle with yeast leavened batter and topped-off with icing sugar.

    Liège waffle

    65 NOK

    Belgian waffle with eggs, butter and pearl sugar which caramelizes when baked.

    Soup of the day with focaccia waffle

    110 NOK

    Fresh homemade soup and focaccia waffle with Mediterranean herbs.

    Salad with goat cheese waffle

    145 NOK

    Fresh salad served with waffle filled with goat cheese, honey, pear and rosemary.

    Waffle of the week

    95 NOK

    Every week we try something new. Ask us about it.



    Norwegian brown cheese (from the local cheese factory) – 10 NOK

    Whipped cream – 10 NOK

    Sour cream – 10 NOK

    Roasted hazelnuts – 10 NOK

    Chocolate sauce – 10 NOK

    Caramel sauce – 10 NOK

    Red fruit sauce – 10 NOK

    Banana – 10 NOK

    Mixed fruit – 20 NOK

    Scoop of vanilla ice cream – 20 NOK