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    Rondanevegen is one of the 18 national scenic road sections in Norway. It runs from Muen and Sollia Church in the south to Folldal in the north along the east side of Rondane National Park. The views constantly switch between cultural landscapes and majestic mountains. There are many interesting places which invite you to stop a little longer.


    The drive along the so called ‘Blue Mountains’ is a voyage of discovery in nature, culture and geology.


    From south to north you will pass the following highlights:

    Muen mountain

    Sollia church

    Sollia Osteriet goat cheese factory and café

    Atnbrufossen waterfall and Vannbruksmuseum

    Atnasjø lake and café

    Viewpoint Sohlbergplassen

    Rest area Strømbu along Atna river

    Mines and viewpoint Folldal Gruver


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