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  • Rondane River Lodge on Belgian television

    Benjamin & Karin, the new owners of Rondane River Lodge, moved from Belgium to Rondane National Park in autumn 2019 to take over the previous Rondane Gjestegård. They lived in Kapellen, close to the busy city of Antwerp and owned a travel agency specialized in the Nordic Countries. As they always dreamed about living in the mountains, they decided to start a whole new life in Norway together with their 2 daughters Liv and Mia.


    During the first months they were followed by the Belgian journalist Annemie Struyf for the new television program ‘Het Hoge Noorden’ or ‘The High North’ when translated in English. The first episode was broadcasted on 29/12/20. On this webpage we gathered all the episodes in which Karin & Benjamin are followed together with some other Belgian families living in Norway. We think it’s a nice memory to share with our visitors and to watch again ourselves when the kids grow older.

    • 21:36 Annemie visits us for the first time in our house in Belgium where we also had the travel agency.
    • 39:33 Annemie asks why we decided to move to Norway and what we will miss most in Belgium.
    • 09:28 Annemie visits us for the first time in Norway at Rondane River Lodge.
    • 22:30 Annemie helps Benjamin with the dishes and asks a guest about her experiences.
    • 12:24 Annemie visits the childcare/school in Sollia.
    • 24:31 Annemie joins Benjamin & Karin while cleaning a log cabin.
    • 41:05 Annemie joins Benjamin & Karin during a boat trip on the nearby lake Setningen.
    • 13:57 Annemie follows Benjamin & Karin when being visited by the previous owners of Rondane River Lodge.
    • 37:37 Annemie joins Benjamin & Karin when they visit the neighbours that have been on traditional moose hunting in Sollia.
    • 26:21 Annemie has a Skype call with Benjamin & Karin because the hotel is closed due to the corona restrictions. It’s uncertain what the summer will bring.