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    Rondane River Lodge is run by 2 adventurous families from Belgium that started a whole new life in the Norwegian mountains. They love to share their passion for Norwegian nature and local gastronomy and do whatever they can to make you feel welcome as a guest.

    Benjamin & Karin explored Scandinavia more than 15 years until they settled in Rondane National Park.

    Benjamin (37) and Karin (37) own Rondane River Lodge since August 2019 and moved to Norway together with their 2 daughters Liv (7) & Mia (4).

    Before they lived in Antwerp (Belgium) where they still have their travel agency Noorderhuis (House of the North) specialized in the Nordic Countries. They have been exploring Scandinavia more than 15 years and sent hundreds of Belgian guests to the former Rondane Gjestegård. Karin has also a special interest for food and likes experimenting with new recipies in the kitchen.

    After they acknowledged the previous owners wanted to retire, they didn’t have to think long and decided to start a whole new life next to the Rondane National Park. Here you won’t find the famous fjords but the landscapes are equally dramatic and with only 1 inhabitant per km² you can enjoy endless nature all for yourself.

    The nearby mountains, charming accommodation and home-made food will match most likely your expectations of a dream holiday in Norway.


    Owner - Guide

    Outdoor enthousiast always keen to share tips on what to do or where to go. Taking care of the garden in summer and clearing (a lot of) snow during winter...


    Owner - Cook

    Passionated about cooking and always happy to try new things. Stays calm and creative, even in stressful situations. And a fantastic mother of course...

    LIV & MIA

    The bosses

    During your stay you will most probably meet also these 2 cute and clever girls. They make sure everything is under control and have a clear vision for the future.

    Bart (36) and Ellen (36) joined Rondane River Lodge during the summer of 2021. Together with their daughter Ilena (8) & son Vidar (5) they decided to start a new life in Norway as well.

    Before they lived close to Bruges (Belgium). Bart worked as a teacher which he combined with commercial & adventurous guiding for his own small company. Ellen has been working as an educator for youngsters who are deaf or have hearing/language problems. They both fell in love with Norway and its amazing, unique and breathtaking landscapes.

    Bart is still co-owner at BOLD Expeditions, where he offers unique leadership expeditions in Norway to top business schools & executives all over the world. BOLD Expeditions offers a pathway to leadership that is predicated on how you are uniquely wired. With BOLD, Bart wants people to ‘disconnect in order to reconnect’.  Rondane National Park is the perfect setting to achieve this goal.

    Ellen has always been passionated with sign language and the Deaf Culture.  Vidar & Ilena are the most precious gift in their life and play a central role in the daily life of this little family.

    Bart & Ellen fell in love with Norway and its amazing, unique and breathtaking landscapes.


    Owner - Guide

    Hiking addict and packraft guide liking to share his passion for the outdoor life. Charming host doing whatever he can to let you feel at home.


    Owner - Cook

    Always enthusiastic to prepare genuine local food and share her joy with every guest. Taking care of others is priority in her life.


    The bosses

    Always in for entertaining our youngest guests while giving the parents a bit of 'me' time. Professional flower and berry pickers too!

    Some key figures of the Rondane River Lodge









    Home-made food is our way of life! We use local ingredients such as elk, lamb and trout from our own river. Not to forget berries and mushrooms straight from the forest around us.


    Despite our remote location you can stay connected! Whether you stay in a hotel room or log cabin, you can enjoy free WIFI over the entire premises.


    Enjoy the great outdoors on your own or sign up for one of our scheduled activities. Mountains, lakes, rivers and forests are waiting just at your doorstep!


    Contact us for tailor made programs or special arrangements such as weddings, conferences or incentives. We are more than happy to assist you!