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    Environmental and social responsibility

    Rondane River Lodge contributes to sustainable development both environmentally, socially and economically, and we aim to drive a continuous improvement of the business. We have chosen to environmentally certify the company with Greenkey in order to work more systematically and be able to document our sustainability work. We are also part of the Norske Fjellstuer network, which takes sustainable development seriously, and we want to contribute to making Norske Fjellstuer as sustainable as possible.



    Nature and local area

    Rondane River Lodge has nature as an arena for activities and experiences and has always been concerned with preserving our natural qualities. That is what we live for and off. We want to do our best to continue to take care of the environment and nature, and that our guests’ needs are met without compromising the next generation’s opportunities to meet their needs. We will work continuously to limit the environmental impact of the company’s activities and will keep the local area clean and tidy.


    Our cultural heritage

    Our area has a rich cultural heritage that we would like to preserve and not least rich traditions in crafts and food. Food traditions go both to production and preparation. We use both local ingredients and local recipes. And we want to convey our rich cultural heritage to our guests. That is why we collaborate as much as possible with the local population and activity companies nearby with strong roots in the local culture.


    Energy and water

    We have incorporated good routines to save water and energy. We have already taken measures to save energy by, among other things, minimally heating the hotel rooms and cabins when they are not occupied, systematically replacing traditional lamps with LED lighting, installing water-saving taps and toilets, after isolation of old roofs and external walls, replacement of old windows, installation of heating pumps and solar panels on the main roof to generate our own durable electricity.


    Additionally we register our water and electricity consumption to improve control. We also ask our guests to use electricity sparingly by dimming lights when leaving the room and not unnecessarily heating cabins with panel heaters or wood stoves. Of course, we will continue to carry out new measures in the future. During renovations, we always put economic energy consumption first when we make choices. Feel free to contribute to saving both water and energy when you are a guest with us and contribute to the environment.



    The food is a big part of the experience of staying at Rondane River Lodge. We have always been concerned with using ingredients from the local area and the region. We have the ambition to use at least 1 locally produced ingredient in each dish.


    We serve a lot of lamb from the local farm, locally hunted elk and trout caught by local fishermen. Our drinks menu also includes sustainable options with organic fruit juice, local beer and organically grown wine. The share of local and regional purchases of raw materials is approximately 30% of total purchases. Our ambition is to expand this further.


    Food waste is also something we take seriously and we have always been conscious not to throw away more than necessary of food, without it being at the expense of food quality. That is why we do not serve large buffets, and we offer, among other things, an à la carte breakfast menu. This also allows you as a guest to vary more from day to day and discover new flavors.


    Feel free to help reduce food waste by ordering less food and ask for an extra portion instead. The most important thing is that the food is eaten.


    Waste and cleaning

    Our contribution to a better environment is that we have replaced all cleaning products with eco-labeled products to limit emissions of hazardous chemicals. We also use the least possible cleaning products. This is favorable for both the outdoor and indoor environment. For allergy sufferers, we use as many products as possible without perfume/odors.


    We sort waste at source in all the fractions that we have the opportunity to deliver in. And try to limit the waste that enters the company from our suppliers. We hope you as a guest will help also to reduce waste and sort waste. And not least, take all waste back with you when you are on a trip, so that it does not stay in nature. You can get a bag for waste, by asking at the reception.


    The local community

    Rondane River Lodge is part of the local community and is used a lot by the locals both for meetings, and to buy drinks, lunch or dinner.


    We contribute to the local community by:

    • Trying to use as much local labor as possible.
    • We also use local service providers and local craftsmen.
    • We contribute to local/regional events.
    • We are part of the destination company Rondanevegen, to work together so that you as guests in the area will have the best possible experiences and a variety of activities to choose from.
    • We contribute to good trails and signage so that you as a guest will have as good experiences as possible.
    • We cooperate as much as possible with the local population and focus on activities without a large ecological footprint. Every winter we establish a skating rink for example on the nearby lake which can be used by our guests, tourists staying elsewhere and locals.


    Feel free to see the overview of events and what is happening in the region by visiting www.rondanevegen.no.



    In order for our guests to avoid buying equipment or transporting their own equipment, we rent out snowshoes, ice skates, ice fishing equipment, sledges, thermal suits, canoes, boats, e-bikes etc. Guests can also rent camping material from us such as tents, sleeping bags, cooking stove/utensils etc. We have the ambition to invest in more rental material, as the demand develops, in order to prevent guests from buying too much single use gear.



    There are opportunities for our guests to use public transport to and from Rondane River Lodge. See under contact on our website or use www.entur.no to plan your trip. Our nearest airport is Oslo Gardermoen, the nearest train stations are Atna and Ringebu. We are happy to pick you up at the station. On some days there is also a bus (must be booked in advance) between Atna and Sollia. During the summer there is a bus as well from Ringebu to Strømbu passing our front door.


    Guest experiences

    Good guest experiences are the basis of our operation. We do the best we can every day so that each of our guests will feel as good as possible when you are with us. We aim you return home with good memories after your stay. We also try to take measures so that those with limited eyesight, hearing, mobility or asthma and allergies will also have good experiences with us and without too many challenges. But unfortunately we have an old building stock, which can be challenging to make easy for everyone and it will take some time before we have taken the measures we want to take so that everyone has good experiences with us.


    We constantly want to improve ourselves and are keen to hear your feedback, so that we can take measures to ensure even better experiences next time. Feel free to give us your feedback.


    Our Greenkey certification was realized with the support from Innlandet Fylkeskommune.


    In case of questions concering our environmental policy, you are of course welcome to contact Rondane River Lodge.


    Rondane River Lodge AS

    Rondeveien 34 – 2477 Sollia (Norway)

    E-mail: info@rondaneriverlodge.no

    Telephone: (+47) 62 46 37 20