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    Norway has a long tradition when it comes to hunting wild game including elk, deer, wild reindeer, hare, beaver and snow grouse. Rondane River Lodge is surrounded by some of the most popular state-owned and privately-owned hunting grounds in Norway.


    All small game and wild reindeer hunting on state-owned common land is reserved for persons who have resided in Norway for the past year and are still resident. However, anyone, including non-resident foreign nationals, may apply for permits to hunt elk, red deer, roe deer and beaver. The Directorate for State Forests and Land is responsible for this hunting and the processing of applications.


    Every year we are awarded a limited number of hunting licenses for 3 seperate state-owned hunting grounds in the immediate vicinity of the lodge. All persons aged 16 or over who are not listed on the Norwegian Register of Hunters must pass a hunting proficiency test before hunting or trapping. Persons resident abroad need not take the
    test provided they satisfy the conditions for engaging in the same type of hunting in their home country. Further information regarding the hunting proficiency test may be obtained from the Directorate for State Forests and Land.


    The main hunting season normally starts in the second week of September and lasts until Christmas. Rondane River Lodge can offer packages including board, lodge and hunting licenses. We are also happy to arrange transport to the hunting fields if desired.


    At the moment we still have 3 small game hunting licenses available in both period 1 (9/9-13/9) and period 2 (14/9-18/9).

    We offer a package including 4 nights in a fully equipped log cabin with made beds and final cleaning, full board and hunting license for 4 days.


    Price based upon 2 persons = 7650 NOK per person.

    Price based upon 3 persons = 6850 NOK per person.


    Contact us for more information and availability.