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    We look forward to your stay with us. In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we would like to share some important practical information with you.


    1. How to reach Rondane River Lodge?


    Rondane River Lodge is situated in beautiful Sollia at an altitude of 780m above sea level. The crystal clear Vulua river flows through our garden and our nearest neighbours are the Rondane and Dovrefjell National Parks. Located midway between Oslo and Trondheim, along one of Norway’s 18 national scenic routes, this is a great place to stay for a relaxing holiday or an overnight stop.


    Coming by plane

    The most convenient way to travel from abroad is by plane. There are good connections to Oslo Gardermoen Airport from most European cities. At the airport you can rent a car or take the train. If you come by public transport, we recommend to take the train to Ringebu or Atna station. We can arrange a transfer from Atna train station to Rondane River Lodge for 900 NOK one way (up to 8 persons). This needs to be booked in advance.


    Coming by car

    If you travel from mainland Europe you can drive over land by using the Øresund bridge that links Denmark and Sweden. But it’s a long drive and more convenient to take a ferry from Germany or Denmark to Norway. The most common connections are:

    • Kiel-Oslo (Colorline)
    • Kiel-Gothenburg (Stena Line)
    • Hirtshals-Larvik (Colorline)
    • Hirtshals-Kristiansund (Colorline)

    From Oslo you should count about 4 hours driving time to reach Rondane River Lodge. You can either drive E6 in the direction of Trondheim until you reach Ringebu. There you turn off on road 27 (Rondaneveien) which you follow about 40km through the mountains until you reach Enden. Turn left in the direction of Folldal and you will reach Rondane River Lodge after a couple of hundred meters. Please notice it might happen that road 27 between Ringebu and Enden gets closed during winter due to heavy wind or snowfall. Check www.vegvesen.no for current driving conditions.


    Alternatively you can leave E6 a few kilometers north of Tangen and turn off on road 3 towards Elverum. Turn left at the roundabout just before Elverum and keep following road 3 through endless forests. You will pass Koppang and stay on road 3 until you reach Atna. There you turn left on road 219 towards Sollia. After circa 30 minutes you drive through Sollia and further along the shores of Setningen lake. At the end of the the lake you drive straight on towards Folldal and you will reach Rondane River Lodge after a couple of hundred meters.


    The last gas station you pass, is just north of Koppang but there is a small gas station in Sollia too at Atnasjø Kafe, about 10km north of the lodge in the direction of Folldal.


    2. Do I need a car?


    We get this question often. This is highly depending on what you aim for. If you plan on relaxing, wandering and hiking in the nearby mountains, coming without a car is perfectly possible. Also a lot of our offered activities, can be arranged with transfers for an extra cost.


    If you plan on visiting the wider region, towns or want to lunch in various locations, this might be more difficult without a car. A few activities we offer also require own transportation. Please notice there is only a very limited bus service from middle of June until middle of August stopping at Rondane River Lodge.


    Please also consider the nearest shop is 7km from Rondane River Lodge and there are no other restaurants in walking distance. When not having a private car, it’s recommended to book half board in advance. For lunch we serve a limited offer of soup and waffles or you can ask for a lunch package.


    Free parking is available in front of the hotel. All log cabins offer free parking space right next to them. We also offer possibility to charge electric cars for 100 NOK per night. At the moment we only have a normal power outlet but we are in the process of installing car charging stations.


    3. Check-in


    • All guests are welcomed at the hotel reception, where you will receive all information about your stay. You may access your accommodation from 15.00. Check-out is possible until 11.00.
    • Early arrival and late check-in can only be arranged in prior consultation with us. We will do all we can to facilitate our guests in this respect.
    • Our hotel reception is open daily from 8.00 until 22.00. Please ring the bell if nobody is present.
    • You can also call the reception on +47 62 46 37 20.


    4. Hotel building


    • Everyone is welcome to use the reception area and lounge to have a drink or just enjoy the fireplace. We are always glad to help you make plans for activities or excursions. A detailed map of the area can be bought for 240 NOK.
    • Please feel free to read books from the library or use the board games. You may take them to your room/cabin but please bring them back after use.
    • A hair dryer can be borrowed at the reception. Please bring it back after use.
    • Do not cover or dry clothes directly on the electric heaters. This might cause fire.
    • Smoking inside is not allowed and pets may not enter the hotel building.
    • Please notice our fire alarm system is quite sensitive and can also be triggered when taking a hot steamy shower. We recommend to keep the door between your bedroom and bathroom closed.
    • Breakfast is included in the room rate. We work with an à la carte breakfast menu. We ask you to order in advance what you would like to have in the morning. See ‘restaurant’ for more information.
    • A baby bed can be rented for 100 NOK per night.


    5. Log cabins


    • Bed linen and towels can be rented for 190 NOK per set. We make the beds for you when linen has been ordered in advance.
    • Locally harvested wood for the stove is stored right next to your cabin door. Extra wood and axes can be found in the woodshed near the hotel entrance. Please use the stove only while you stay in the cabin. Several cabins have hooks above the stove to dry clothes.
    • Do not cover or dry clothes directly on the electric heaters. This might cause fire.
    • Final cleaning can be done by yourself or ordered for 490 NOK (small cabin) or 590 NOK (big cabin). We do a check upon departure if you decide to clean yourself. More information underneath.
    • Please let us know if any equipment is missing and we will do our best to accommodate you.
    • Smoking inside the cabins is not allowed.
    • Pets can stay in the cabins for an additional charge of 100 NOK per night. Please don’t let them sit in the sofa or on the bed as it’s very though to clean the hairs.
    • A baby bed can be rented for 100 NOK per night.


    6. Final cleaning of the cabins


    • When you choose NOT to do the final cleaning of the cabin yourself, we expect you to:
      1. Clean the dishes and put everything back on its place.
      2. Separate your waste (plastic, bottles, cans, paper + drink cartons, rest and food waste) and put them in the correct bins in the garbage area (beside cabin n° 10 at the entrance). Please do NOT crush cans.
      3. Turn off the lights when leaving.
      4. Pay the cleaning fee (490 NOK for a small cabin – 590 NOK for a big cabin).
    • When you choose to do the final cleaning of the cabin yourself, we expect you to:
      1. Clean the dishes and put everything back on its place.
      2. Wipe the table and clean the sink + cooking area.
      3. Clean the toilet, the shower, the sink and the mirror.
      4. Take the sheets of the beds and collect them together with the towels in the bathroom.
      5. Vacuum and mop (wet clean) each room.
      6. Separate your waste (plastic, bottles, cans, paper + drink cartons, rest and food waste) and put them in the correct bins in the garbage area (beside cabin n° 10 at the entrance). Please do NOT crush cans.
      7. Take the ashes out of the stove and throw it in the iron bin in the garbage area.
      8. Turn off the lights when leaving. Leave the heating on during winter.


    We will perform a check upon departure when you decide to clean yourself.


    7. Environmental policy – Greenkey


    Rondane River Lodge is Green Key certified. We have strong ambitions to limit our impact on the natural environment and contribute to a more sustainable way of travelling. You are welcome to read our environmental policy.


    We encourage our guests actively to think ecological in order to achieve our goals:


    • Please use your towels several times and put them on the ground if you want to have them replaced. Cabin guests can ask for new towels in the reception at an additional cost.
    • Switch of the lights as much as possible when leaving your room or cabin.
    • You are welcome to use our fireplaces and barbecues outside but never leave it unattended and try to limit the use of wood. The same counts when using the wood stove in a cabin.
    • Waste is a resource that can be reused. Garbage should be sorted behind the fence left from the big cabin n° 10 at the entrance. There are different containers for plastic, organic, paper and residual waste. Please use the green bags that can be found in the garbage area for organic waste before throwing it into the container. Please place metal cans, plastic and glass bottles separately in the designated boxes. Empty batteries can be brought to the reception.
    • You can drink the water straight from the tap. It’s healthy, tastes good and is better for the environment. 1 liter of drinking water from the tap sends between 1000 and 2000 times less CO2 into the atmosphere than 1 liter bottled water.
    • Around the hotel, there is great natural beauty and numerous opportunities for activities that don’t require any car transportation. We also organize several environmentally friendly activities that can avoid the use of your private car.
    • We have a normal outdoor power outlet for charging electric cars which works during nighttime. Please inform us before using it. We charge a reasonable 100 NOK per night.


    In addition, there are various measures that we take from our side among which:

    • We use certified cleaning products that are better for the environment and for your health.
    • When renovating we install fittings that use less water and led bulbs instead of ordinary ones.
    • We automatically turn down the temperature when rooms or cabins are not occupied.
    • Thanks to solar panels on the hotel roof, we can partly generate our own electricity.
    • We try to limit cutting the grass in order to let wild flowers grow and create a nice environment for many insects and bees.


    8. Internet access


    • You can use the wireless network RRLguest free of charge. Use the password RondaneRiverLodge to access the network.
    • Due to our remote location the connection is unfortunately not always stable. We are sorry for this. Often the connection is slightly better in the main building than in the cabins.


    9. Restaurant


    • Breakfast is served daily from 8.00 until 10.00 for 190 NOK per adult and 115 NOK per child 3-11 years. We require reservation for breakfast latest at 21.00 the evening before. We work with an à la carte breakfast menu. We ask you to order in advance what you would like to have in the morning. We also ask to mention the time when you want to start having breakfast. Everything you ordered will be served to your table. You have many options to choose from but be aware our portions are quite generous. So please choose wisely to avoid food waste. You can always ask for more if you feel like not having ordered enough.
    • You are welcome to make your own lunch package from the breakfast for 100 NOK per adult and 60 NOK per child 3-11 years. You can order lunch packages on the breakfast menu. We provide you with an additional piece of fruit and chocolate waffle. You may put your thermos at the reception with a post-it on it and we will fill it with coffee, hot water or hot chocolate according to your wishes.
    • Between 12:00 and 16:00, we serve a more limited selection of soup, cake or waffles. Please check the menu at the reception.
    • A three-course dinner is served at 19.00 for 590 NOK per adult and 355 NOK per child 3-11 years. We require reservation for dinner latest at 14.00. Please inform us about possible food restrictions and allergies in advance.
    • We reserve for lastminute changes.
    • Rondane River Lodge has a fully licensed restaurant and bar where we serve different kinds of beer, wine and spirits. It’s not allowed to take alcoholic drinks from the restaurant or bar outside the serving area or into the log cabins. You can however buy alcohol privately and consume it in your room or cabin.


    10. Elt Bakeri


    • Freshly baked bread and bread rolls from our local Elt Bakeri can be ordered until 21.00 the evening before by writing your name and cabin number on the list at the reception desk. They can be picked-up from 8.00 in the morning.
    • Prices: dark bread (65 NOK) – sourdough bread (85 NOK) – bread roll (12 NOK) – currant bun (30 NOK) – cinnamon bun (50 NOK).


    11. Wellness


    There is an outdoor wood-fired sauna and hot-tub available for our guests. What’s better than enjoying the relaxing warmth after an active day out in the fresh Norwegian air? And feel totally reborn after a plunge in the river or snow?



    • 90 minutes private use of the wood-fired sauna = 500 NOK + 100 NOK per person including towel, bathrobe, fresh fruit and spring water.
    • 120 minutes private use of the wood-fired sauna and hot-tub = 2000 NOK + 100 NOK per person including towel, bathrobe, fresh fruit and spring water.


    Please book your desired timeslot at the reception, preferably at least 1 day in advance. It takes at least 1 hour to heat up the sauna and 4 to 5 hours for the hot tub. Maximum 6 persons can use the facilities together.


    Carpe diem plunge (60 minutes):

    Make your sauna session even more memorable with a refreshing plunge in the river. Our instructor will help you facing the icy water with a combination of breathing exercises, dynamic stretching and a relaxing after dip sauna ceremony.

    750 NOK for 1-6 persons


    Early morning social sauna and carpe diem plunge during summer:

    During summer season (20/6-18/08) you can sign up, until the evening before, for our social sauna sessions. They will be announced on spot and include an early morning carpe diem plunge followed by a sauna session and infusion ceremony. This offer is open to all guests.

    300 NOK per person (min. 2 and max. 6 persons)

    Towel and bathrobe can be rented optionally for 100 NOK per person.


    12. Hiking & trekking


    Rondane National Park and Dovrefjell National Park offer unlimited possibilities for hiking and trekking. Beside the second highest mountain range in Norway, be ready to explore endless spruce/birch forests, admire spectacular waterfalls and drink fresh water straight from the rivers and lakes. Don’t forget the excellent chances to spot wildlife including moose, flocks of wild reindeer and musk ox. Did you know that the complete Scandinavian big 5 of predators also have their natural habitat over here? Think of arctic foxes, wolves, bears, wolverines and lynxes.


    An extensive network of hiking trails is waiting right at our doorstep, mostly signposted by DNT. They also exploit several of the mountain cabins and guarantee a comfortable stay during multiday trips and savory waffles. Thanks to the Norwegian everyone’s right you can also spend the night outdoors and roam freely (almost) wherever you want.


    Rondane National Park has 10 peaks above 2000m that all can be attempted by hikers in good physical condition. Thanks to the rather ’rounded’ shape of the mountains and absence of demanding steep climbs, Rondane and Dovrefjell offer suitable terrain also for less experienced hikers including the youngest ones.


    We are keen on sharing our knowledge and have numerous suggestions taking into account your abilities and the forecasted weather conditions. Please come to the reception for hike suggestions or to buy a detailed hiking map for 240 NOK. We also recommend to install the free of charge app Norgeskart Outdoors, which is a great help when navigating.


    Transfers can also be arranged. Please contact us for more information and prices.


    Top 10 of mountain tops accessible from Rondane River Lodge:

    • Pika (1157m)
    • Knappen (1103m)
    • Muen (1424m)
    • Ramshøgda (1463m)
    • Gravskardshøyda (1767m)
    • Storsølnkletten (1827m)
    • Høgronden (2118m)
    • Storronden (2138m)
    • Rondeslottet (2178m)
    • Snøhetta in Dovrefjell National Park (2286m)


    Top 5 of (partly) staffed mountain cabins within reach of Rondane River Lodge:

    • Bjørnhollia (DNT)
    • Nedre & Øvre Døralseter
    • Rondvassbu (DNT)
    • Breisjøseter
    • Grimsdalsseter (DNT)


    There are also numerous unstaffed cabins and shelters which can offer shelter while hiking.


    13. Equipment rental


    We rent the following directly from Rondane River Lodge:

    • 400 NOK per canoe for a full day
    • 350 NOK per fatbike for a full day (only adult size)
    • 750 NOK per ebike for a full day (only adult size)


    You can also rent 2 rowing boats on the lakes Setningen and Finnsjøen:

    • 250 NOK for a full day


    We also cooperate with Strømbu Rasteplass along Rondaneveien for canoe and bicycle rental:

    • 450 NOK per canoe for the first day
    • 250 NOK per canoe from the second day
    • 250 NOK per bicycle for a full day

    Rescue vests and paddles are always included in the rental price.


    Other gear and camping equipment that can be rented:

    • Hiking poles for 100 NOK per pair per day
    • Goretex gaiters for 50 NOK per pair per day
    • Trekking backpack 60-100l for 150 NOK per day
    • Child carrier backpack for 200 NOK per day
    • 2 persons tent for 400 NOK per night
    • 4 persons tent for 500 NOK per night
    • Sleeping bag and mattress for 150 NOK per night
    • Cooking stove and utensils incl. fuel for 150 NOK per day

    We recommend making reservations in advance as availability is limited and first come first serve.


    14. Fishing licenses


    We sell fishing licenses from Atna Fiskeforening:

    • 120 NOK for 1 day
    • 180 NOK for 2 days
    • 240 NOK for 3 days
    • 360 NOK for 1 week
    • 600 NOK for a seasonal license

    You can get more information about the fishing area at the reception.

    A simple fishing rod can be rented for 150 NOK per day (excluding bait and fishing license).


    15. Activities


    We can arrange following activities depending on availability:

    • Guided hiking or cycling = prices depending on duration and number of persons
    • Full day guided hike together with a local sheep herder = 1490 NOK per person
    • 3-4h moose safari by car (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) = 1500 NOK + 250 NOK per person
    • 5-6h musk ox safari on foot = 615 NOK per person
    • Horse riding for small children = 200 NOK (0h15) – 350 NOK (0h30) – 690 NOK (1h00)
    • 30 minutes introduction in the horse-riding arena = 460 NOK per person
    • 60 minutes instruction + 60 minutes horse riding tour = 850 NOK per person
    • 1h horse riding tour = 590 NOK per person
    • 2h horse riding tour = 850 NOK per person
    • 3h horse riding tour = 1090 NOK per person
    • Full day horse riding tour including lunch on a summer farm = 1990 NOK per person
    • White water rafting in Sjoa Valley = 1015 NOK person (3h) or 1395 NOK (5h)
    • 4h family rafting in Sjoa Valley = 870 NOK per person
    • 5h canyoning in Sjoa Valley = 1115 NOK per person
    • 2h cultural program goat farm/church/cheese factory = 390 NOK per person
    • Visit and breakfast at a traditional summer goat farm = 390 NOK per person
    • Visiting Sollia church = 50 NOK per person – please contact Stein Vaaler on +47/46 89 14 45 for guiding or ask us.


    It’s recommended to book all activities in advance. Come to the reception to make reservations.


    Please note activities can be weather dependent and some activities require a minimum amount of participants. Click here for more information and children’s prices for all summer activities we offer.


    For indoor swimming you can go to:

    • Spidsbergseter Resort (15 minutes) = 220 NOK per adult and 110 NOK per child 5-14y

    Check www.spidsbergseter.no for more information and opening times.

    • Fron Badeland Vinstra (45 minutes) = 145 NOK per adult and 110 NOK per child 2-16y

    Check www.fronbadeland.no for more information and opening times.


    We also recommend a visit to the local goat cheese farm ‘Ysteriet’ in Sollia. During high season they are from 12.00 until 16.00 but you can make an appointment too. Here you can buy traditionally made goat cheese and taste home-made cakes in the café. You find the ‘Ysteriet’ next to the main road in Sollia when driving just 10 minutes south in the direction of Atna.


    16. Supermarket


    The closest supermarket is in Atnbrua. Drive left on road 27 and follow for about 15 minutes in the direction of Folldal. You will pass Joker behind the center of Atnbrua on your right-hand side.

    Opening times: Monday-Thursday 9.00-18.00 – Friday 9.00-20.00 – Saturday 9.00-17.00

    Check www.joker.no/finn-butikk/joker-atnbrua.


    Alternatively you can also drive right and follow road 27 about 25 minutes in the direction of Ringebu. You will find Kiwi supermarket about 1km past the Venabu Fjellhotel.

    Opening times: Monday-Friday 9.00-21.00 – Saturday 9.00-18.00 – Sunday 10.00-18.00

    Check https://kiwi.no/Finn-butikk/kiwi-229-venabygdfjellet/.


    17. Payment


    We accept both cash (Norwegian Crowns) and all major debit/credit cards. Bills must be settled on presentation.


    When you have booked through Booking.com we normally have charged your credit card in advance, unless otherwise agreed upon. It’s then only required to pay for eventual extras.


    When you have booked through Inatur or a tour operator you have already paid in advance and it’s only required to pay for eventual extras.


    18. Feedback


    Since we started as the new owners quite recently, we would love to hear your eventual remarks and comments. Please do not hesitate to share them with us, so we can take them into consideration for future improvements.


    We appreciate it also very much when writing some kind words in our guest book or on Tripadvisor when leaving us.


    In case of other questions you are welcome to contact us.


    Rondane River Lodge AS

    Rondeveien 34 – 2477 Sollia (Norway)

    E-mail: info@rondaneriverlodge.no

    Telephone: (+47) 62 46 37 20